2.5 acres

All properties come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Land cannot be used as primary residence until paid in full. $199 non-refundable doc fee due at signing.


Property Info

Lot size: 2.5 acres
County: Apache County, Arizona
Access: dirt
Elevation: 5,400 feet
Zoning: Agriculture/ General
Houses, camping, RVs
Property taxes: $20
Utilities: none

Map Link: goo.gl/maps/JeujzoGv9MJNbPvE9
Coordinates: 34.8671° N, 109.2232° W

Pricing: We will match any down payment over the minimum up to $1,000

$75 down, $75 a month for 79 months
$100 down, $100 a month for 54 months
$125 down, $125 a month for 39 months

Discounted all cash price: $3,500



Adventure lovers, this is the place for you! Just 30 minutes outside St. Johns, AZ, Witch Well Ranchos awaits with 40 acres of untouched desert, rolling hills, and plains for you to discover!

Here at Witch Well Ranchos, you are perfectly positioned for every outdoor activity, even skiing! Yes, you read that right! A quick day trip to nearby Flagstaff will make you think you’ve woken up north of the border and provide all the fun of snow with none of the at-home hassles.

Ready to give up the cold altogether? There is plenty of other fun in the sun activities here in beautiful Apache county. There are crystal clear lakes and rivers all around for our fishermen and boaters. For our nature lovers, birdwatchers and hunters, there are more than 400 animal species in the area including elk, deer, and antelopes. Those living on the wild side may even catch a glimpse of the native bears, wolves, and mountain lions that make their own homes near!

History buffs, don’t worry, we have plenty for you as well! Take your kids on the most exciting field trip of their lives and venture over to the Petrified Forest National Park, the Painted Desert, Newspaper Rock, or even The Teepees and Whipple Point. You will all come away with an appreciation of all that the land here can provide for you, as it has done for generations before!

Call us today to find out more about how to set up your new build, campsite, or RV on this amazing property!

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  • Published: October 29, 2021
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